Many institutional purchasers – like Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Insurance & Bond Agencies, and Reinsurance Brokers — of surety bonds and insurance products have traditionally thought of their relationships with Insurers and Sureties as being purely transactional.

We hear it all the time. And why not?

After all, most firms are large behemoths with thousands of employees. They are household names that are stalwarts on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with offices and personnel that span the globe.

There are layers and layers of decision-makers and departments and infrastructure to ferret through to seemingly get what many consider a simple answer.

Lexington National Insurance Corporation (LNIC) and Concord Specialty Insurance Company (CSIC) are the exception to the rule. Our offerings transcend the very paper and protection that we provide our clients, and their end-users. We’ve been built from the ground up to accomplish just that.

More specifically, we offer three (3) unique differentiators in the industry – Access, Flexibility & Scale — that make what we do a whole lot more than “just paper.”

  • Access: Simply put, our clients and prospects have access to our Executive Team, 24/7, including our CEO, Ronnie Frank. Growing up in surety business at the agency level, he and the Frank family are steeped in the tradition of service. For us, it is about taking care of family, not just writing another policy or bond.

While we can’t guarantee a “yes” answer in every case, you will be heard fully and fairly and have complete access, all day, every day.

You will never lose a deal because a decision maker wasn’t available. So, for those of you who have been dealing with the mega firms, LNIC is a refreshing change from the status quo.

  • Flexibility: Because of LNIC’s nimble size and unique offerings, in the surety and various insurance lines (admitted and non-admitted) — we provide the kind of flexibility that gets deals done.

While we certainly maintain strict underwriting standards, we believe that there is more than one way to get a deal done. LNIC and its team of professionals pride themselves on their creativity and never saying “no” just to kill a deal philosophy.

If a deal can get done, we will go to all lengths around the globe to make it happen.

Also, we will deal with agencies, brokers, other insurance companies to complete a transaction.

No deal will ever die without LNIC bending over backwards to accommodate a reasonable request.

  • Scale: While small in comparison to the mega firms, we carry a big punch.

LNIC maintains the highest levels of financial integrity with both an A- Rating with AM Best and a listing on the U.S. Treasury List.

Our scale allows us to write in all fifty (50) states and Washington D.C., and between our various entities, we can write everything from a Contractual Liability Insurance Policy (CLIP) to a Foreclosure, Cannabis or Bail Bond to a Surplus Lines Policy or providing a necessary Fronting Deal with Reinsurance.

Regardless, you should never just accept that it’s “just paper”. To the LNIC team, it’s about service and respect, and making our partners successful. We’ve been doing just that for more than three decades.

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