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Transfer Bond Postings

Lexington National is able, through its bail bond producers, affiliations with other sureties, and through arrangements with property bondsmen, to get your transfer bond posted almost anywhere in the country.

We post transfer bonds 24/7/365.

Transfer Bond Postings

1. Complete the TRANSFER BOND REQUEST FORM by selecting the link below.

2. If you do not hear from us promptly, call us to make sure we received your request and are working on it. To avoid fraud and confusion, no transfer bond will be posted until we speak with you.

3. Certain information is needed to post the bond. Do not rely on information provided by the family. You must confirm the arrest related information with the jail where the defendant is being held. Confirm the bond amount and make certain there are no holds or other restrictions on the posting. Finally, please have the name and phone number of the facility that you called, as well as the name of the person at the facility that you spoke with.

4. Bail bond forfeiture laws are different in every state. In fact, bail laws are often applied differently from county to county within the same state. What you have experienced in your court system almost certainly won’t be the case with a transfer bond. In short, underwrite with the expectation that you will be paying the full bond forfeiture amount.

5. Follow-up on court dates with the court and the family. You are unlikely to receive any court notices, so you will need to monitor and verify appearance on your own. Make sure you have underwritten accordingly.

6. When the bond is over, obtain a discharge or exoneration so that your Open Liability can be reduced. Again, you will likely have to do this on your own, through the courts

For all states EXCEPT CALIFORNIA, FLORIDA, AND TEXAS, FILL OUT the following form and contact Lexington.

For California transfers select the following
link to fill out the California Transfer Bond Request

For Florida transfers select the following
link to fill out the Florida Transfer Bond Request

For Texas transfers select the following
link to fill out the Texas Transfer Bond Request