Our family of bail bond producers will tell you that Lexington National is the country’s best bail bond surety.

“It is truly awesome and refreshing to work with a surety that understands the needs and problems of the individual bail bondsman. Lexington National treats all of their Producers like family members. Our move into the Lexington National family was the best business decision we have ever made. We couldn’t be happier!!”

— Frank & Linda Braswell, Florida

“We started with Lexington National and built our business with their help. Whenever we called, they were there to provide advice  on underwriting, forfeitures, marketing, lawyers, everything. We made a great choice when we decided to join the Lexington National family.”

— Ron & Jonathon Yellin, New Jersey

“Lexington National makes you feel like part of the family. They know bail because they do bail. When you need quick answers, overnighted forms, or just good advice, the Lexington National team is there to provide quick, courteous, and exceptional service.”

— Amy Hass, West Virginia

“There are lots of bail bond sureties that talk about service and partnership, but only a few that actually deliver. Lexington National provides great service and is a true partner with its producers. I’d recommend them to any bail bondsman looking for stability, growth, and success in this business.”

— Don Castle, Ohio

“Service is what they promised… and at Lexington National they deliver on that promise every day.”

— Ronnie Long, Texas

“People identify you with the people you associate with.  This saying is one that my parents always told me as a young man and still holds true today.  One of the greatest pleasures my wife Marty and I have in our family-owned business is being associated with the Lexington National family.”

— Gilbert and Marty Ramirez, California

“When you need quick action and good advice, the Lexington National team is there to provide fast, courteous, and exceptional service.”

— Dave Bourne, Virginia