Business and “In-House” Legal Counsel

A true surety partner should help its bail bond producers with their business challenges and legal problems. Lexington National has the experience and training to provide these services to bail bondsmen.

Business Advice:  Do you have a question about marketing or record keeping? Are you considering hiring employees? Are you ready to open a store front? If you are looking for advice, or just a sounding board, give us a call. The Frank Family has been in the retail bail bond business for over 50 years. We’ve seen it all! We’re happy to help because our goal is to make you successful.

“In-House” Legal Counsel: Do you have questions about forfeiture Laws? Need help with a deed of trust or mortgage? Are you defending a lawsuit or pursuing an indemnitor? If so, we have the expertise to help.

Mark Holtschneider:  Graduated summa cum laude from the University of Baltimore School of Law and was a member of the Law Review. He practiced law at a Baltimore law firm for several years before working as in-house counsel for various surety companies. Mark has expertise in bail related matters, insurance, and litigation.

Examples of legal assistance provided by Lexington National to its agents:

A Minnesota judge forfeited a $50,000 bail bond because the defendant violated a supplemental condition of the bond by removing his GPS ankle bracelet. Mark researched the state laws and provided my lawyer the information he needed to reverse the forfeiture.

-Ron Blume, Minnesota

I posted a $10,000 bail bond. After the defendant was arrested, the judge raised the bail to $12,000. Another surety posted a $2,000 bond and the defendant was released. When the defendant failed to appear, the judge forfeited our $10,000 bond. We called Lexington National for help. Mark researched ‘bond stacking’ in all 50 states and sent us all the cases on point. We gave these to our lawyer, which saved us time and money.

-Don Castle, Ohio