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Law Enforcement
We want to send a special thanks to our law enforcement everywhere who put their life on the line everyday protecting the citizens of communities they serve.

Corporal receives international award
WPD_corporal_bourne PDF

Bail Reform Update

Utah Bail Reform Repeal
Bail reform repeal passes Utah Legislature just months after kicking in

Yolo County, CA : District Attorney
Over 744 New Crimes Committed by Individuals Released on $0 Bail
41% of those released on $0 Bail have been rearrested at least once.
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Chicago’s Bail ‘Reforms’ Increased Crime

Houston, TX
Victims and law enforcement make the case for bail reform.

NY City Justice system is a revolving door : Criminal Justice Reform is keeping gangs and guns on the street of NY.
Gangs are taking over the streets,

The Police Officers Research Association of California is against the Zero Bail Policy.
Zero Dollar Bail Explained

Anti-Bail Advocates are back at it in North Carolina
The Latest Work for the North Carolina Bail Agents Association

Updated Position on Pretrial Risk Assessment Tools

Florida Sheriffs Association passes Resolution supporting bail.
“Whereas, striking the right balance between ensuring the accountability of a defendant to appear in court, protect public safety, guarantee the rights of victims of crime including having their day in court, and the right of due process in the criminal justice system is of paramount importance.”

Failed Bail Reform Review
A collection of case studies from different states highlighting the results of attempted state specific bail reform efforts.

CA SB-10 Unconstitutional
Harvard Law Review concludes that SB 10 is unconstitutional

CA SB-10 Update 7-17-2019
Technical Flaws of Pretrial Risk Assessments Raise Grave Concerns.

In The News
“No Bail”
laws lead to lawlessness

Cities that slashed police funding inundated by spike in homicides
Washington Times Article Link
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If bail bonds are not an option, then judges have full discretion to impose any condition they want.
PDF of ProPublica Article
ProPublica Article Link

NY-City, In Wake Of Continued Gun Violence, Pleas To Bring Back Anti-Crime Unit !
PDF : Community called on the NYPD to bring back the recently disbanded Anti-Crime Unit
Local CBS Article Link

Woman, 64, Murdered by a man freed twice under New York’s “bail reform” law.
PDF : Previous released twice with violence an sexual misconduct charges
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Ex-con with 24 arrests since April caught on NYC subway with stolen motorcycle, cops say.
PDF : Released 24 Times Since April
NY-Post Link

NY : Lewis County sheriff: bail reform law was ‘ill conceived’
WWNY 7 News : Lewis County Sheriff discusses bail reform

No business owner will want to open knowing that looters can take what they want and be immediately released to steal again. New York’s bail reform is a failure.
Arrested Looters, Immediately Released
National Review Article Link

Former New York Gov. George Pataki: NYPD ‘caught in the middle’ of state’s political ineptitude
Article Link : violent crime would “go through the roof.”

Looters, back on the streets within hours
Fox News Link : It’s likely that “99.9 percent” of the people go right back to looting

California’s $0 bail rule a risk to public safety

Suspect accused of stealing a COVID-19 test sample was rearrested
Sacramento News : Rearrested Days After After $0 Bail Release
Sacramento News Web Link : Rearrested on multiple charges

Sacramento News : Critics blast California’s $0 bail rule as risk to public safety
Sacramento News Web Link

Suspects praise their own $0 bail release on social media
FRESNO, California (KGPE) News Web Link

California $0 Bail Laws, a Criminal’s Paradise
Sacramento News : Arrested Days After Early Release
Second Time In Two Days After $0 Bail Release

Visalia Times-Delta and Tulare Advance-Register
$0 Bail a ‘slap in face’ to police and victims

Ankle Monitors Are Replacing Cash Bail, But At A Cost
Law360 News : Ankle Monitors At A Cost

ABA Journal : Chicago Crime Jumps after Bail Reform

WSJ : The ‘No Bail’ Fiasco in New York

Crime Friendly NYC, Thief Thanks Democrats

Post Journal, Jamestown NY : Please show up appearance tickets
The Trending Cashless Bail No Show, Police issue appearance tickets instead of custody

NY Post, Extend No-Bail Law
Keeping Criminals on the Streets

Tucker Carlson,Criminals would be protected from deportation
New Way Forward Act

Search Algorithm Bias
Artificial Intelligence association concludes that existing risk assessment tools are biased and inaccurate.

NY Post, NYPD Deputy Commissioner slams bail reform

NY-City : Criminal Justice Reform : Police commissioner James O’Neill throws in the towel and turns in his resignation.

Electronic Monitoring Drives Defendants Into Debt
Private companies charge defendants hundreds of dollars a month to wear the surveillance devices

Bail Fund Scandal
Bail Fund Scandal Comes with a Flood of Forfeitures

D.A.: Offenders not being held on excessive bonds
Star News Online (Wilmington, NC)
“Explode the myth” that people are “languishing”

The Arnold Tool, Releasing Violent Repeat Offenders
“We’re failing to protect public safety”

Oklahoma House slams door on cash bail reform bill
Oklahoma House of Representatives’ rejected Senate Bill 252

Soros Implementing His Radical Leftist Agenda By Investing In Criminal Justice
For many years leftist billionaire George Soros has used his wealth to remake our society.

Bail Bond Studies

Dallas Report on Pretrial Release By Robert G. Morris, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Criminology and Director for the Center for Crime and Justice Studies, The University of Texas at Dallas

Pretrial Release of Felony Defendants in State Courts 1990-2004, By Bureau of Justice Statistics (November 2007)

The Effectiveness and Cost of Secured and Unsecured Pretrial Release in California’s Large Urban Counties: 1999-2000 By Michael K. Block, Ph.D., Professor of Economics and Law, University of Arizona (March 2005).

The Fugitive: Evidence on Public Versus Private Law Enforcement from Bail Jumping By Eric Helland, Claremont-McKenna College and Alexander Tabarrok, George Mason University, Published in University of Chicago Journal of Law and Economics (April 2004).

Warnken Report on Pretrial Release by the Maryland Bail Bond Association, Prepared by Professor Byron L. Warnken, University of Baltimore School of Law (February 2002).

Estimating Cost of MD Pretrial Services Department

Court Rulings

Welchen v. Harris, October 11, 2016 Order Declaring American Bail System constitutional and dismissing claim that bail violates equal protection rights of accused.
Case 2:16-cv-00185-TLN-DB Document 30 Filed 10/11/16

State Forfeiture Rules

The following gives a state by state summary for forfeiture time before summary judgment, remission period, remission amount and other miscellaneous facts per state.
50 State Forfeiture Summary List