Bail is Our Business...
And We Mean Business.

Simply put, we're a family owned, customer first, bail bond surety. Our family has continuously been in the bail bond business for over six decades. Because of this experience, we're better able to serve you — the bondsman — because we know firsthand what you need. In the end, a bail bond surety's experience and track record do count!!

"People identify you with the people you associate with.  This saying is one that my parents always told me as a young man and still holds true today.  One of the greatest pleasures my wife Marty and I have in our family-owned business is being associated with the Lexington National family."

Gilbert and Marty Ramirez, California

Almost 60 years ago our family began its journey into the bail bond industry, and has expanded our capability to write bail bonds in every available state. Unlike most sureties, we grew up in the "retail" bail bond business and, to this day, family members continue to operate bail agencies, such as Fred Frank Bail Bonds in Baltimore, Maryland. We have over six decades and three generations of exposure to what you - THE BONDSMAN - knows is a very complex, difficult, and competitive business. Our continued dedication and success within the industry allows us to help you succeed.

  • Does your surety truly understand your needs and appreciate the business you're in?
  • Has your surety contact ever written a bail bond?
  • Does your bail bond surety know what it's like to get up at 2 a.m. to write a small bond... hoping that the next bond will be larger?
  • Have they ever picked up a skip or covered the back door?

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